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By Robert Farago


Literally. The man in the picture above was beaten senseless by some 100 blows. Beaten until his face was unrecognizable. Here’s what happened . . .

In December, police said Robert Chmielewski was chasing his sister, who sought shelter in Karen Noles’ home. Earlier that month, Chmielewski and his sister moved in just down from the street from them in a trailer park. The pair apparently got into a fight about her cat. Robert had kicked the cat out, but she let it back in. When Robert discovered this, he allegedly “became angry and violent and grabbed her by the arms and would not let her leave the house,” a criminal complaint said.

“She came down the street yelling for help, and I yelled get in here. Got her in the house, gave her the phone, locked her in the bathroom, and told her to call 911,” Karen said. Chmielewski followed her inside, encountering Karen’s brother, Duane Noles and when officers arrived, the criminal complaint details what they saw:

Through the blinds, [an officer] observed a body on the floor. [The officer] observed the face was extremely bloody swollen, and appeared to be crushed inward…

Lakes Area Police officers Cory Spencer and Jen Paulsen …read more

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