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By Chris Eger

A hashtag coined by a Hollywood actress turned activist to stir up opposition to 3D gun files has taken on a life of its own
Alyssa Milano, the former “Who’s the Boss” child actress, termed digital firearm files in a recent CNN editorial “Downloadable Death” and started promoting her piece on social media with a matching hashtag. Active in the NoRA organization with an aim to counter the National Rifle Association, the group also began using the tag this week as well.

5 years ago, for $25 worth of plastic, it was already possible print a gun that could fire 9 shots. This type of unregistered #DownloadableDeath will be available to everyone 8/1. Take action below. #NoRA
— #NoRA (@NoRA4USA) July 30, 2018

The tag was soon picked up by like-minded groups

3D printed guns = #DownloadableDeath
This would be an irreversible mistake.#NoRA #GunControl
— Evoked – The NRA Resistance Campaign (@NRA_Resistance) July 31, 2018

And other activists.

You will be directly responsible for every shooting that takes place with an untraceable 3D printed gun. Yes, the blood of every child that dies in a school, every person killed on an airplane, every police officer murdered on the job will be on your hands #DownloadableDeath
— Andrea Nikischer


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