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By Tactical-Life


I was a patrol officer in an urban area in a southwestern state in the late 1990s when I received a radio call of an ex-boyfriend attempting to kick in the apartment door of his ex-girlfriend, who was the calling party. As another officer and I arrived at the apartment, we noticed fresh signs of damage to the door.

Standing to the side, we knocked, and a female came to the door, cracking it open only about 4 inches. She appeared quite frightened but advised that everything was okay because her ex had already left. As we continued to press her for details, it was clear she was uncomfortable and nervously trying to quickly get rid of us. Between the fresh damage on the door and the fact that my gut told me she was hiding something, I announced that we were coming inside to check the apartment and make sure that everything was in fact okay.

Her level of nervousness piqued as we entered. We began checking the rooms of the apartment, and I made my way back to the master bedroom. I could hear the woman continuing to try to …read more

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