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By Tim

The smoking gun...

The smoking gun…

Chattanooga, Charleston, California Criminal Immigrant shooting Americans, and a great number of other stories happened while I stepped away for some R&R. I am back and overwhelmed by everything that happened while I was on vacation.

We will focus on the latest story to break in Chattanooga to focus on. The media more than covered the story of the race driven shooting at the church in Charleston. What I find puzzling is the vast difference in both media coverage and public outcry between the Charleston and Chattanooga shootings.

Both set of victims have our sincere shock and prayers over the victims and the brutality, but we can all agree that both the White House and the media differed greatly between the shootings and the “spin” on the stories. Here are some valid points of observation made during the latest terrorist attack.

  • The shooting itself in Chattanooga is a terrorist attack made by a devout Muslim.
  • The White House took way too many days to lower the flag in response to the shootings showing a great disrespect to the victim’s and their families. (Note-It only took hours for the rainbow colors to hit the WH)
  • Our respect goes …read more

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