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By Bill Frady

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Today on Lock N Load Radio, 9 Feb 2017’s topics of discussion include:

I have been doing my civic duty(Jury Duty), but finally back in the saddle! Does it seem like the Leftist’s( I have confiscated back the word Liberal from these Leftist’s) are defaulting to violent behavior? Now I know all of this has happened in gun free, Sanctuary City, Organic chia settings so far, but where is all this going? What is the goal?

Tonight, I went that way, trying to break down what they are thinking. A very dark place to go.

Joined in the 2nd hour by Roger Katz of Arbalest Quarrel to get that deep analytical viewpoint.

Hour #1

The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly., When Laws Collide: Federal Preemption And State Firearm Freedom Acts, Growing Talk of a Coup Reflects Progressive Projection, Lust for Power at All Costs, In Their Own Words: Anti-Trump …Read the Rest

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