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By John A. Heatherly


I love Big Macs! Say it isn’t so… Perhaps one every now and then is ok?

IFLScience has the scoop…

Another day, another dramatic infographic. This time, we’ve moved away from shocking suggestions of what sugar- and stimulant-laden drinks apparently do to your body within 60 minutes, to the unappetizing after-effects of eating a Big Mac.

Created by Fast Food Menu Price, this supposedly gives you a breakdown of the effects of Big Mac ingredients over a period of one hour, nicely segregated into 10-minute time periods. It goes as follows:

Credit: Fast Food Menu Price

So how much of this has any truth to it? Well, for starters their list of sources does not include scientific journals, but does feature Fox News (twice) and the Daily Mail. Moving swiftly on.

It’s a bit confusing at the start because it mentions the high Calorie content (540) in the same sentence as raising blood sugar to “abnormal” levels. Calories themselves are not responsible for raising blood sugar – it’s the carbohydrates within food. And how much they raise blood sugar levels depends on the type of carbohydrate eaten, or more specifically its glycemic index (GI).

Those with a high GI, such as white …read more

Source:: Patriot Outdoor News

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