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By Rob Morse

Colorado teachers at the range.

U.S.A. -( Lots of us are disappointed after the recent midterm elections. Some of us turned off the news for a few weeks as we recovered. I’ve noticed a series of unexpected pleasant surprises during that time. The seeds of serendipity were planted long before the midterm campaigns began.

Laura Carno had social and political contacts long before she knew about the FASTER program. FASTER teaches school staff to be first responders. The FASTER program in Colorado would not exist without Laura’s hard work and also her network of dedicated volunteers. It is as if these firearms instructors and volunteers were waiting for FASTER to be brought to Colorado. FASTER Colorado called to their passion, and at the same time these volunteers were the answer to FASTER’s need for qualified staff. FASTER Colorado could not have happened 10 years ago. Why was it possible today?

Aaron Boyd also lives in Colorado. He was frustrated by the public’s passive acceptance of mass murder in our schools and churches. Aaron started Bullets Both Ways as a resource to organize, promote, and fund efforts for public defense. The idea was born before Aaron learned about FASTER Colorado and about the …Read the Rest

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