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By Brandon Curtis

I am the kind of guy who likes to err on the side of caution. I prefer having a formidable gun and at all times possible I carry a double-stack 9mm auto loader on my hip and at least one reload. However, I often carry a snubby due to my life obligations that require me to dress in ways that do not allow me to conceal a more formidable gun. So, I am occasionally asked if I deem the snub enough gun. Here I seek to answer that question beyond the usual extremes of either the absurd “if you can’t get it done with 5” or the opposite “having only a revolver will get you killed in the streets.” As usual, the truth is probably in the middle. It is exceedingly rare to find bad outcomes related to the civilian defender running out of ammo and not being able to finish the fight, but the potential is there. When we discuss ammo capacity we get into the world of odds, stakes, and what you are realistically able, or willing, to carry.

Most civilians who get into lethal encounters prevail if they offer armed resistance. Criminals tend to become late for another …Read the Rest

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