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By noreply[email protected] (Rick Ector)

Is The Size of your Handgun Compromising Your Effectiveness?

Buying a handgun that accurately suits you is not a trivial process. Whereas it is true that purchasers can walk into any gun shop and purchase the first firearm that looks cool, more forethought is strongly suggested. I often suggest to new first-time purchasers that they strongly consider taking the CPL Class before buying a firearm just so that they can have the benefit of Module Five where several handgun buying considerations are discussed.
The most common reason, given to me by first-time firearm buyers who choose to buy the handgun ahead of enrolling into a firearm safety class, is that they want to practice with their firearm before taking a class. I can appreciate the sentiment but it is all for naught if a non-optimally sized gun is purchased.
I am mindful that anyone in this current “Information Age” with at least an Internet enabled phone can research the subject aptly before making a buying decision. In actual practice, based on the people whom I come into contact with, there seems to be a greater reliance on the suggestions made by the salesman at the gun shop than articles posted on the Internet.
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Source:: Legally Armed in Detroit

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