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By Bob Owens

Andrew Scott, CEO of A&A Ammunition, has been reading signs in the ammunition supply chain that he thinks may presage a “tipping point” in the supply of affordable .22 LR ammunition.

People began panic-buying and hoarding .22 LR ammunition after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that left 20 children and six adults killed and two adults wounded, in addition to the murderer’s mother (who somewhat ironically, was the only person killed with .22 LR bullets). Shooters who never kept more than a few boxes on hand began stockpiling thousands of rounds, and serious shooters who used .22LR for training on a regular basis began stockpiling .22LR by the pallet (roughly, 360,000 rounds).

For the longest time it was nearly impossible to find any .22LR at any price, but Mr. Scott has noticed that .22LR is once again piling up… if you’re willing to pay for the premium target brands that cost almost as much as centerfire ammunition. He says that:

For your average Joe, still waiting to spend 4-5 cents a round, this might not seem significant, and maybe it isn’t, but I think it is.

Here’s why:

  1. The pricing I’ve seen from my distributors for brick-pack premium .22, around 8-12 cents/round, …read more

    Source:: Bearing Arms

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