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By Ammoland

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by Dr. Mark Hendrickson

Economic growth under President Obama has been sluggish, fitful, faltering, and historically weak. But is it all his fault? In this interesting article that first appeared at, Dr. Mark Hendrickson argues that government intervention has been the main cause of the slow economic recovery and offers five prime examples.
Dr. Mark Hendrickson
Dr. Mark Hendrickson

Grove City, PA –-( A political science colleague sent me an article documenting President Obama’s dismal economic record, and he asked me for added details and perspective. Here goes:

True, economic growth under Obama has been sluggish, fitful, faltering, historically weak, etc. However, if you look at the charts in the article—especially the second and third—you can see that U.S. economic growth has been trending downward for several decades.

Conclusion: Our economic woes did not begin with Barack Obama. However, he has done nothing to reverse the trend; on the contrary, he has doubled down on the very policies that have hampered economic growth.

The headwinds opposing economic growth are generated by what Ronald Reagan referred to as “the government disease.” No president has advocated, championed, and imposed more harmful government intervention than Barack Obama.

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