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By Bob Owens

J. Mund's rendering of the Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton duel.

J. Mund’s rendering of the Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton duel, via Wikipedia.

Supporters of gun control have been giddy the past two days because Georgia Governor Nathan not only vetoed campus carry in Georgia, but dug up a historical document to claim that the Founding Fathers were fundamentally opposed to guns on university campuses. The Atlantic was just one of many outlets giddy over Deal’s veto.

Governor Nathan Deal rejected a bill on Tuesday that would have allowed eligible students in Georgia to carry concealed weapons at public universities. In a lengthy veto statement, Deal said he found “enlightening evidence” for his position in the views of pair of Founding Fathers who, nearly two centuries ago, opened a college where guns would not be allowed.

In October of 1824, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison attended a board meeting of the University of Virginia, which would open the following spring. Jefferson and Madison had spent not a little time thinking about individual liberties. But minutes from the meeting show that their new school would not extend the right to bear arms to its red-brick grounds.

“No student shall, within the …Read the Rest

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