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By Patriot Outdoor News

In my post about going “bobberless” for a year, I said I don’t have anything against strike indicators, and I’ll stick to that. But I also said we should think about moderating their use in certain places, or in certain seasons and situations.

Put it this way: Imagine you’re skiing powder. Fresh tracks. Knee-deep champagne. You’re gracefully carving turns down an epic steep, snow splashing all around you…just loving life. But you get a little tired (as powder skiing will make you feel the burn) so you stop to the side and rest. And as you do that, a giant triple-wide snowcat, driven by a 20-something guy with a beard and a trucker hat, comes booking down the run, smashing down all the powder, leaving a perfectly groomed trail behind it. And in the wake of the snowcat are two guys in onesie snowsuits, awkwardly snowplowing back and forth through the fresh groomer. As they move past, you realize the powder is all gone. How would that make you feel?

Well, it isn’t much different than fishing in some quiet eddy, casting at the beaks of big brown trout sipping baetis as a drift boat with some …Read the Rest

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