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By Dan Zimmerman

By Dennis DeMartins

It’s on for real. Straight after the furor over the attempted reclassification of lever action shotguns began with Aussie shooters flooding MP’s and the media with calls, emails and letters (with laughably bad media hit pieces in full swing), information has come to light that the entire National Firearms Agreement is up for review, a document that has not been modified at the federal level since 1996. In a letter to Sporting Shooters Australia CEO Tim Bannister, Federal Minister for (in)Justice Michael Keenan confirmed that a full review of the National Firearms Agreement was well underway as a result of the Inquiry into the Sydney Siege . . .

The Australian shooting community had been plagued the last few months by rumours of Prime Minister Tony Abbott continuing John Howard’s gun grab agenda; this letter confirms those rumours. But wait, it gets better.

Flying under the radar, but hidden in plain sight is the report from the Australian Attorney-General’s department, headed by George Brandis – the same guy who has passed an internet filter, data retention, citizenship revocation and …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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