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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gunners love to point to Europe as a beacon of enlightenment, far different from our “barbaric” pro-gun ways. The good people over there are past this idea that individuals should be able to purchase and own weapons, why someone might get hurt!

But then 9/11 happened. Terrorists became emboldened and increasingly targeted western nations friendly with the United States.

And, it seems, this may have changed the thinking of many Europeans.

The state of emergency in some countries, triggered after the multiple terrorist attacks hitting Europe, has brought soldiers back into the streets. In Paris or Brussels, it’s hard to miss patrolling and heavily-armed soldiers in the streets. Their guns are proving effective. In February 2017, soldiers shot a man who was charging them in the Louvre museum. In October 2017, police shot dead an assailant in Marseille, France, after he had stabbed two women in the main railway station. Just last month, both soldiers and special police units shot at and killed the man who committed a terrorist attack in Strasbourg, France. The citizens protected by these soldiers are drawing the logical conclusion: guns work against terrorism.

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Source:: Bearing Arms

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