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By Tom Knighton

West Virginia is a pro-gun state and doesn’t seem to be shifting blue, unlike their cousin to the immediate east.

In fact, West Virginia state legislators are considering instituting campus carry, where those with valid permits can carry firearms on college campuses, and it looks like it might well be a done deal.

West Virginia will likely become the 12th state to allow individuals to carry guns on college campuses. It’s important to note that HB 2519—the “Campus Carry” bill—includes a number of restrictions and I’ll get to those in a moment.

Currently, West Virginia public college and university campuses have broad authority to limit guns on campus. For example, at West Virginia University an unauthorized individual who brings a gun on campus and refuses to leave could be charged with trespassing.

Under the bill, which is moving through the House of Delegates, individuals, including students, who have a concealed carry permit would be allowed to carry a concealed weapon on certain areas of campus. They could not carry a weapon in the open.

WVU officials have been able to work into the bill a number of exceptions. They include venues or arenas with a capacity of more than …Read the Rest

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