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By Dan Zimmerman


If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, a disappointed grandparent isn’t far behind. Troy Don Gibbs of Chandler, Oklahoma attended his granddaughter’s softball game earlier this week, but the little slugger ended up riding the pine pony all day. After a couple of attempts to express his displeasure to the kid’s coach – in which other parents had to intervene to keep the peace – Gibbs made a third attempt to help her with her lineup card decisions . . .

“When the softball coach was going to her vehicle, he approached her again at her vehicle and began the argument again about his granddaughter not getting to play,” Mattheyer said.

That’s when witnesses said another parent jumped in and claimed he “tried to calm Gibbs down by saying that his daughter does not get to play at times,” but Gibbs told police that parent threatened to beat him up.

The report stated another parent tried to break up the argument when Gibbs pulled out a loaded gun and pointed it at his face as well as other people including children.

The plucky kid will no doubt turn out to be the next Jennie Finch one …read more

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