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By Robert Farago

This version of the now infamous Missouri Mum gun brandishing story contains the raw footage. It’s most instructive. It tells us that Tracy Leeser did nothing to de-escalate the confrontation with her son’s alleged tormentors – such as change her tone, put distance between herself and the boys, seek to get her son away and disengage, etc. – and much to make it worse. Would a reasonable person . . .

believe that the teenagers put Ms. Leeser in imminent danger of death or grievous bodily harm? I don’t think so. Her actions were the height of irresponsibility, including the fact that she carried her gun in her pocket without a holster. That’s not a crime, but an excellent indication that she lacked a fundamental understanding of safe gun handling. I suspect that the Divine Ms. L will soon lack the ability to keep and bear arms, which is just as it should be and just as well. Although I believe felons should have their gun rights restored, a ballistic time out seems appropriate here, yes?

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