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By Sara Tipton


Hephzibah (Georgia) Middle School resource officer Ashley Phillips is in hot water after leaving an unloaded gun in her purse in her police cruiser. Public Safety Chief Alfonso Williams stated that Phillips had just returned from vacation and had forgotten the gun was there. The problem arose when Phillips, who was allegedly handling a disciplinary action, handed her car keys to a, 8th grade student, George Moore, asking him to unlock her patrol car and bring her the ticket book inside . . .

Chief Williams stated that giving an 8th grader access to a patrol car isn’t standard protocol, but he defended Phillips saying that she trusted the young scholar.

The student that officer Phillips trusted found the revolver in a case sitting on top of Phillips’ ticket book.

“He could have touched it and it could have gone off or even worse he could have been killed,” (George’s mother Alicia) Moore said.

Young Master Moore tucked the unloaded revolver in the waistband of his pants and brought it into the school where a custodian later located the gun in the lunch room.

The student has been suspended and Chief Williams is discussing theft and possession of a firearm on school …read more

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