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By Dan Zimmerman


Everyone screws up once in a while, right? It’s just that some boo-boos are bigger (and harder to heal) than others. “Matt Sinclair admitted to a Champaign County jury Tuesday that pulling a gun on a friend on an interstate highway as a prank was ‘absolutely’ stupid. … ‘My intent was to joke around with a guy I shared my office with 15 hours a day. Stupidity doesn’t cut it,’ he said in answer to questions from his attorney, Jim Martinkus of Champaign.” What ballistic boner did Sinclair pull? . . .

Sinclair was the assistant director for player personnel relations for the University of Illinois football team that day. … He and other staff members, “euphoric” over a team win over Purdue University, were headed back to the UI campus from West Lafayette, Ind., about 3:45 p.m.

Sinclair was driving his pickup truck west in eastern Champaign County with two passengers while another football staffer, Justin Hood, was in a state sport utility vehicle with Sinclair’s office mate, Marcus Berry. The SUV was very near Sinclair’s pickup.

Given the Fighting Illini’s record of sustained futility, it’s probably understandable that Sinclair and his buds would be thrilled about actually beating their Big 1o …read more

Via:: Truth About Guns

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