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By Johannes Paulsen

For our next story, we go south, south, south of the border to a futebol match in Brumadinho, in the Brazilian state of Minais Gerais, where a regional league match was in progress. A referee named Gabriel Murta had a rough time dealing with some unruly players from the Amantes de Bola team. During a dispute over a red card that wasn’t called, Murta was kicked and slapped and quickly retreated to the locker room. This time out was the last act of good judgment he displayed that day . . .

Murta – whom the UK’s Mirror reports as being a “policeman by day” – had apparently decided that he was just getting started. He retrieved a pistol and charged back out to the field to…well, that’s not really clear. Enforce the rules the only way he knows?

Fortunately, another linesman restrained the hot-tempered official and escorted him off the field, allowing peace to finally reign once again. Or what passes for for it in the world of rural South American soccer.

After all, this is not Vietnam, this is soccer. Just as …read more

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