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By Robert Farago

Security footage of eight-year-old boy robbing a Florida convenience store (courtesy

“Eboni Alls said her 8-year-old wanted to go to the park Wednesday night,” reports, “but after she told him to go, she later learned he was up to no good.” Copy that . . .

The boy, identified as Jaden, rode his bicycle to a King Foods grocery store in his West Palm Beach neighborhood. Security footage shows him entering the store wearing a bike helmet and baggy clothes that were concealing a loaded handgun.

Jaden walked inside and looked around the front of the store for about a minute before heading toward the checkout counter and approaching the cashier.

“I saw the boy take the gun. He said ‘give me the money’,” said employee Robert Espinal.

[Note: “take” as in pull the gun from his pocket and aim it at the clerk.]

One employee said he wasn’t sure if the gun was real or fake in the moment, but that he took the threat seriously. Several workers reacted quickly, and one reached Jaden, twisted his wrist, and took the weapon away.

You could say that Ms. Alls is irresponsible for not teaching her boy the difference between right and wrong. You might also say that a parent shouldn’t let an eight-year-old boy go to …Read the Rest

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