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By Robert Farago

“Alabamian Bobby Knight has had enough,” reports. “Last night, in response to the Arthur Ashe Courage Award being given to Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner the male Olympic decathlon winner for coming out as transgender, Knight—a grandpa and electrician from Baker Hill—blew a hole in his TV. Now he’s issuing a challenge to others who are fed up with the media, calling it the #TakeOutYourTV Challenge.” I call it “#makegunownerslooklikeignorantrednecks Challenge. Don’t get me wrong . . .

I agree that awarding Caitlyn Jenner the ESPY award was a big mistake. While it took courage for Jenner to switch genders, publicly, his experience was a lot less fraught than that of athletes who’ve overcame abject poverty, discrimination, injuries and/or physical and mental handicaps to achieve success in sports.

Shooting a TV to protest ESPN’s PC “promotion” of Jenner’s journey from man to woman – and challenging others to do the same – isn’t illegal. It’s a legitimate form of free speech. But it provides unnecessary fodder for the enemies firearms freedom. Surely Knight could have found other, less antagonistic ways to make the point.

Again, free speech is a human right. …read more

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