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By Dan Zimmerman

South Beach. 5:30 am. A Porsche. A car full of women. A holiday weekend. Throw a 29-year-old professional athlete with a .45 pistol into the mix and, well, what could possibly go wrong? “According to the parking attendant, Quarless and another man — identified as Michael Ritchie, a 31-year-old from New York — were leaving the garage in a black Porsche Panamera when they approached a white car filled with several women. An argument ensued, with the attendant hearing the women yell ‘No, get away, leave me alone!’” Apparently public rejection in south Florida is a queue for a young man to assert himself . . .


That’s when Quarless took out a semi-automatic handgun — ID’d by police as a .45 caliber weapon — and fired two shots, one straight up into the sky. Why? When police later interviewed a woman in Quarless’ car, she said he’d fired “in an attempt to emphasize his dominance and manhood.”

While obviously no Rhodes Scholar, Quarless was apparently self-aware enough to realize he’d just stepped over the line.

Police quickly responded when the parking attendant called 911, and found the black Porsche a few blocks away. Quarless was soon found trying to …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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