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By Tom Knighton

There are a couple of places you’re guaranteed to find violence felons. One is in jail, and the other is in courthouses. However, many courthouses require citizens to be completely disarmed on the premises, leaving only law enforcement officers with the ability to protect anyone. Sometimes that works. Other times, not so much.

In the state of Iowa, the state supreme court has ordered an end to a firearm ban in county courthouses.

Local authorities are planning to weigh their options in response to the Iowa Supreme Court deciding to allow guns to be carried into county courthouses under certain restrictions.

The decision is a reversal of a complete ban on courthouse guns initiated last spring after lawmakers passed a sweeping gun rights bill.

Chief Justice Mark Cady issued an order last Tuesday revising the edict he’d written in June that banned guns from all courthouses in Iowa. The revised order allows county supervisors or other local government officials to file a written request to allow guns in the buildings.

When a request is made, the chief judge of the judicial district must write an order allowing guns in public areas that are not totally occupied by the court system.

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