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By Brandon Curtis

By Kat Ainsworth via TTAG

In mid-May we were the first to break the news of Intuit’s poor treatment of Gunsite Academy. Today we have an update, one that’s both surprising and validating to the importance of fighting for our Second Amendment rights in all facets of our lives and business practices.

On May 18, I reported the following:

A couple months ago Gunsite decided to make a change to a new credit card processor, QuickBooks. Ten days ago the Gunsite bookkeeper found herself on the receiving end of a phone call from QuickBooks. QuickBooks felt there was “trouble” because they realized Gunsite sold knives and guns on their website. This, the QuickBooks rep said, meant sales weren’t face to face and “kids could buy them”. Gunsite took the time to patiently, politely educate the rep on how FFLs work and explain the laws and processes of these sales. Once it was laid out the rep backpedaled, saying it was all right after all.

Then, a week ago – May 11th, 2018 – Gunsite received another call from QuickBooks. This time, QuickBooks/Intuit informed them, they were immediately ceasing to do business with Gunsite. At first …Read the Rest

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