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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Introducing the Weber Tactical Quick Ship Program
Introducing the Weber Tactical Quick Ship Program

U.S.A.-( It is no secret that we have had a tough year (2018) with getting Kydex Holsters and Mag Pouches out in a timely fashion. Now that we have control of all the parts including the new M.L.K Hood, Weber Tactical QD Holster Hanger, MRD Retention System and Weber Tactical QD Mounts we are not only caught up but able to ship our top colors in a matter of days – Introducing the Weber Tactical Quick Ship Program.

Starting immediately we can ship Carbon Fiber & Police Blue, Carbon Fiber & EMT Red or Black on Black in just 3-5 days. Want a custom color? Not a problem. We are shipping all holsters in just 3 weeks!


Gamer Series Holsters

The Gamer 3-Gun holster features a precision-molded holster with built-in retention, giving you a positive snap when the gun seats in the holster, as well as a rotating retention hood built for speed. As we worked with …Read the Rest

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