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By Tom Beckstrand


United States’ Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is at it again. They’re waving around their cash letting the industry know they’re in the market for a Squad Variable Power Scope (SVPS).

Up until now the Raytheon ELCAN 1-4X has been doing the heavy lifting in this category. It’s a quality choice, but SOCOM has decided that the 1-4X is no longer sufficient and has decided it’s time to choose an heir apparent.


Nightforce has two new 1-8x24mm scopes releasing at the same time. While it’s unusual to see two scopes in the same magnification range coming to market simultaneously, they are different enough that they will find homes in two separate shooting demographics.


The NX8 is Nightforce’s smallest and least expensive 1-8X variable that will be competing for the SOCOM contract. The NX8 does not belong to any other line in the Nightforce family and represents the potential for and totally merits an entirely new product line. I suspect that future NX8 scopes (should there be any) will all share the new 8X erector assembly, 30mm maintube and remain compact and very light for their magnification range. These scopes will have a very broad appeal to everyone …Read the Rest

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