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By John Crump

Kevin Dixie of NOC Firearms & Creator of the Truth Pistol
Kevin Dixie of NOC Firearms & Creator of the Truth Pistol

U.S.A.-( Dixie is the owner of No Other Choice Firearms Training. He has been training the average everyday citizen for nearly 16 years. It doesn’t matter the person’s walk of life or how much experience someone has under their belt KD has a training class for them.

KD wanted to do more than just teach people how to shoot guns. He wanted to do community outreach. Gun ownership cannot survive in a bubble. Without winning the hearts and minds of the non-gun owners the gun community cannot survive. We cannot afford to forgo outreach.

N.O.C. Firearms like to say, “We are more than guns; we are a community.”

KD started a seminar called “Aiming for the Truth” which goes deeper than just guns. These sessions include talks of economic status, family structures, child development, and mental illness. In addition to these KD goes over the history of gun control as well as training, and safety.

At SHOT Show last month, KD introduced his new pistol called “The Truth.” He based this pistol on my favorite handgun, the Heckler & Koch VP9. This gun isn’t a run of the mill VP9. It’s …Read the Rest

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