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By John Crump

Long Cut Official
Interview with Hick Hop Artist: Long Cut

U.S.A.-( since the release of Kid Rock’s song “Cowboy” off of the “Devil Without a Cause” album in the summer of 1998 album, country rap has entered the lexicon of music. Recently country rap, also known as “hick-hop,” has become one of the fastest growing genres of music.

Combining the beats of country and hip-hop might seem like strange bedfellows, but throngs of adoring fans calmer to so seeing their favorite “hick-hop” artist. From Cowboy Troy to Colt Ford, more and more groups are finding mainstream success.

Long Cut

One of the fastest rising hick-hop acts currently is the duo “Long Cut.” Long Cut consists of two friends, JT Adams and Bryan Thomas, who came up with the name of their group while going through a Wendy’s drive-through. Both started out as purely country music artists but have made the transition to hick-hop stars.

With hits like their singles “Country Roads” and “Pleasant Grove,” they are taking the music industry by storm. They do not just rap about the standard fare of pickup trucks and parties but also hit out on some more profound ideas such as …Read the Rest

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