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As we noted earlier Tulsa homeowner recently shot and killed a home invader. The unusual thing about this story is that the same homeowner had shot another burglar in the same home just five years ago. That burglar, named Michael Watts, survived (remarkably…he was shot six times and released from the hospital after about a week).

In the wake of the recent shooing and after having served time for the burglary attempt, Watts has been interviewed about his experience with the homeowner, Charles Sweeney.

In the video above, Watts recalls:

“I said, hey man, my bad, I thought this place was open. My hands was up. I said I’m leaving man. I didn’t know anybody lived here. He shot me, boom, right in the heart. I said you shot me. He shot me again in the heart. I said, man, please don’t shoot me no more. I was begging. And, he shot me in the leg, then I could tell he wasn’t going to stop, so I turned to run and he shot me in the back. I still have that bullet in me, hit my lung and my liver. That one dropped me. He walked …Read the Rest

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