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NRA Carry Guard Senior Advisor Mike Pannone


“We never lose sight of the mission at hand, which in this instance is to provide the best training available.”

CG: Was competitive shooting always an interest of yours, or did that develop after leaving the military? What was your path to getting into USPSA?

MP: Yes, but it was always a matter of finding time to do it between deployments and schools. I like going fast when it comes to shooting, and USPSA is the best way to do that in a meaningful way. It provides legitimate feedback on your actual skills relative to a national database of tens of thousands of shooters. Given the chance, I’d shoot a match or two a week—I enjoy and benefit from it that much. I am a very competitive Type-A person, so it just suits me and is the absolute best way to validate your skills and training against a national audience of competitors.

CG: What are your hallmarks as an instructor? What about your background do you think causes you to stand out the most?

MP: I was very blessed by my parents to receive a tremendous formal education, and that has fostered my level of formal …Read the Rest

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