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SCI Foundation currently funds and directs projects focused on bears in eight US states and Canadian provinces. Partners presenting at this year’s conference included the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Kodiak Brown Bear Trust, Mississippi State University Carnivore Ecology Laboratory, and University of Alberta Department of Biological Sciences, representing the Alberta Grizzly Bear, Michigan Predator-Prey, Missouri Black Bear, Sitkalidak Island Brown Bear, and South Rockies Grizzly Bear projects. Research facilitated by SCI Foundation is helping to restore bear populations, understand their impact on prey species, and inform management decisions.

Discussions throughout the week covered sustainable harvest, predation, habitat quality, bear genetics, human-bear conflict, and issues specific to polar bears. The conference also involved the general public by raising awareness on human-bear conflict and educating local citizens on the state of bear species globally.

“This conference is an excellent opportunity to showcase our work to the foremost experts on bear science,” said Dr. Alan Maki, Chairman of SCI Foundation’s Conservation Committee. “We are proud to be a sponsor of the event.”

Learn more about the International Conference on Bear Research & Management here.

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