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By Bob Owens


In the New York Times, Richard Fausset’s prose leaks with sympathy for the mother of Zaevion Dobson, the Tennessee teenager killed while attempting to shield two girls caught up in a gang-relating shooting.

Wade through it, and you find the sort of tepid and misdirected anger that seems to permeate so much of the paper’s writing about violence, which it consistently blames on tools, instead of violent people.

Zenobia Dobson removed the envelope from her mailbox and placed it, unopened, in her apartment in the Lonsdale Homes public housing complex, her living room already crowded with artifacts of mourning, respect and unrecoverable loss.

There were the football jerseys, framed but not yet hung on the walls, in honor of her dead son. Proclamations from the city and county. A large painting of his face in the clouds. His weight bench, still by the front door.

There was also a collage, produced for his funeral, that included a reproduction of the Twitter message from President Obama that made her son Zaevion posthumously famous. It declared him “a hero at 15,” and asked, “What’s our excuse for not acting?” on gun control legislation.

Ms. Dobson ran some errands and then came home and opened the …Read the Rest

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