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By Jenn Jacques

Therivil Black of VODA Consulting may be the world 's worst firearsm instructor , but even he won't talk down to people the way some instructors have.

Therivil Black of VODA Consulting may be one of the world ‘s worst firearms instructors, but even he won’t talk down to people the way some instructors have to new students..

Those of you familiar with my writing know the story. I started out a political and Second Amendment writer and came to embrace my hunting, concealed carry permit holding, and advocation of firearms training in my work. I’m not an expert. I’m not a ‘guns writer’ like my Bearing Arms counterpart Bob Owens. I’m not Beth Alcazar, Dana Loesch, or Julie Golob.

And that’s okay.

I’m not only acutely aware of this fact, I share it openly with the hopes that new gun owners who see me learning in the public eye will follow how I’m finding my way. Perhaps they will feel more confident to educate themselves further to become better and more responsibly armed citizens.

Entrenched in this awkward spot, where new gun owners ask me questions and avid shooters talk over my head, I’m finding myself identifying with one group more than the other. New gun owners, even those who may know more than me at this point, remain polite and …Read the Rest

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