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By Robert Farago

Some maintain that gun gurus shouldn’t get into it with each other, lest anti-gun rights jihadis exploit their divisions for their own ends. Instructor Zero himself make this argument in the video above. I’m not of that opinion, obviously. Obvious because this website is called The Truth About Guns. I reckon the only way you can get to the truth is . . .

by confronting falsehoods, including those you may be perpetuating.

In other words, the unexamined firearms-based defense strategy is not worth adopting. All the best trainers answer any and all questions about their philosophy/techniques, how they arrived at them and why they choose to make those specific recommendations. The very best never assume they’re right.

As for questioning an instructor’s credentials, sure, why not?

Instructor Zero’s c.v., as outlined by this video, is much too vague for me. For Instructor Zero to fully debunk James Yeager’s accusation that Instructor Zero is an entertainer rather than a “real” instructor, Zero needs to name names. If OPSEC demands that he shield his employers from public scrutiny, then he should remain stum. Criticizing Yeager’s background without revealing his own simply doesn’t fly.

I’m not saying Instructor Zero doth protest …Read the Rest

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