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By Ammoland

Inside Field & Stream's August 2015 Issue
Inside Field & Stream’s August 2015 Issue
Field & Stream
Field & Stream

New York, NY – -( Giant Bucks Now: Patterning a trophy whitetail deer is never simpler than it is right now. The key to killing one, however, is in the ambush. These five guides create early-season setups for a living. Field & Stream has their secrets. Page 55

Shoot Like a Champ: The world’s best 3D archer (Levi Morgan) is changing the way people shoot a compound bow. He’s the face for a fast-growing number of bowhunters eaten up with extreme accuracy, and he wants to show you how to be more accurate than you’ve ever been. Page 42

Bowfishing the Apocalypse: Invasive carp species are destroying our rivers and creating the best tailrace bowfishing you’ve ever seen. Bighead carp can grow to be 100 pounds or more, and silver carp average 15 to 40 pounds. Follow a Field & Stream editor to Kentucky where he arrows fish after fish. Page 66

Dog Days: With bird-hunting season right around the corner, now is the time to get your hunting dog back into shape. Field & Stream’s dog-training expert shares conditioning tips to get your dog …read more

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