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By Garry James

A 1966-vintage Ithaca ad extolls the virtues of the Model 37, which was just about the same time some trench guns based on that pump-gun's action were seeing use in the Vietnam War.

There’s little doubt that the pump or semiautomatic trench shotgun, and its close associate the riot gun, are formidable small arms. Combining the handiness of a short-­­­barreled scattergun with the ability to get repeated shots off in a hurry while spraying various sizes and combinations of shot — depending upon range — over an increasingly wide area, has appealed to the military, police and homeowner alike for more than a century.

I must admit that I’m not the world’s most enthusiastic shotgunner. But trench and riot guns really do grab my attention. It’s probably due to their military and law enforcement heritage. Apparently I’m not alone, for prices of original, unaltered trench guns of all periods seem to continue rising even in a slightly down collector market. Values on some of the more common guns, such as Winchester Model 97s and Model 12s, can still be pretty hefty. Fortunately, Inland Manufacturing of Dayton, Ohio, through its marketers MKS Supply and in association with Ithaca Guns Co., is now offering a dandy new product that promises to satisfy those desirous of a martial-­mien 12 gauge — but more about this anon.

Trench guns, as their name implies, first came into use by American …Read the Rest

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