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By Rob Morse

Faster School Training Safety Students Guns Teachers
Faster School Training Safety Students Guns Teachers

U.S.A. -( The safety review panel issued a draft report on the Parkland High School attack. The pdf is here-> Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission Draft Findings and Recommendations. Here are my notes and preliminary comments:

Report highlights-

  • The attacker never pulled the fire alarm. Dust or smoke from the gunshots set off the fire alarm.
  • There was no working public address system in the building that was attacked. Teachers reacted to gunshots to shelter in place. Teachers reacted to the fire alarm and evacuated the building.
  • The attacker only shot people within his line of sight. He never entered a classroom.
  • School staff did not use the existing PA system because the call button was not in a protected (hard) corner.
  • The school staff never called a “code red” (school under attack) because they had never trained for an active shooter. There were no active shooter drills in the year preceding the attack.
  • The classroom walls were sheetrock and offered no ballistic protection. Students who were shot in the “hard” corners through the sheetrock walls were shot on accident rather than in a calculated and consistent manner. (In short, we were amazingly lucky!!)
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