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By Tom Knighton

If you have guns and children, you need to have a gun safe. That’s the advice that’s pretty much standard across the gun community. We routinely tell people who have children that they need a way to secure their firearms and keep them out of the hands of their kids when not supervised.

For some, that might not be a particularly great safe, but some safe is better than no safe, right? After all, gun cabinets are also available as well and while they’re not ideal, they’re usually sufficient for keeping guns out of curious hands.

Well, it seems that the mother of a child who broke into her gun safe or cabinet in order to attempt a mass shooting is now facing a whole host of felonies.

An arrest warrant was issued on Tuesday for Mary York, the Wayne County, Indiana, parent whose son, then-14-year-old Brandon Clegg, stormed his middle school in December 2018 with a pistol and shotgun in an effort to slaughter classmates before turning the weapons on himself.

York, 43, was charged with six felonies relating to child endangerment, as Clegg was often left unsupervised overnight while an ineffective gun locker was stowed in the basement containing …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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