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By Tom Knighton

A lawmaker in Indiana is trying to show off for party leadership, either in the state or at the national level. I mean, that’s the only reason I can think of for him proposing two pieces of legislation that aren’t going to go much of anywhere based on my understanding, nor would they do any good even if they did.

A state senator has filed two gun regulation bills ahead of Thursday’s Indiana General Assembly.

Sen. Mark Stoops (D-Bloomington) filed Senate Bill 307 and Senate Bill 309 on Monday with the goal of making Indiana a safer state, he said.

SB 307 would expand the requirement for background checks for the sale or trade of firearms between private parties. Under the proposal, selling or purchasing firearms would have to be done through a licensed Indiana firearms dealer and the dealer would be required to perform a NICS background check when conducting the transfer.

The proposal would also bar anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing a semi-automatic weapon and would ban the purchase of bump stocks and other devices meant to turn weapons into automatic firearms.

“These are common-sense regulations supported by a large majority of the public, including gun owners. …Read the Rest

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