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By Ammoland

Indiana 2nd Amendment Patriots, Going On 17 Years
Indiana 2nd Amendment Patriots, Going On 17 Years

Indiana –-( We’re coming up on 17 years from when we started the 2nd Amendment Patriots group and we have accomplished a lot of goals for gun rights and gun owners.

I think if I were to list all of the work and achievements and travel that have been conducted over the past 16 plus years it would impressive.

All of the gun laws that were changed locally and statewide through the efforts of this group, the Appleseed program that we were involved in, and I think here in Indiana we still hold the largest single Appleseed shoot in the history of that program is something worth remembering. Also the many public events such as the ones where we honored our local war memorials by placing flowers on them and having media coverage along with the celebrations of Bill of Rights Day, some of which were pretty elaborate productions are something that this group can be proud of.

For Margie and me the Second Amendment has been a very important piece of our constitution. Back in January of 1999 that was the target of attack by government and …read more

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