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By Ammoland

Tactical Flashlight Lite Light

By John Farnam

India – Reconnaissance Report From Boots on the Ground
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( On India, from a friend there:

“Some of the most gentle, kind, generous people I’ve ever met live in India. But even at their best, the country is still barely developed. Appalling poverty everywhere. Trash, and raw sewage are rampant. I don’t recommend going there.

As in China, air quality is very poor! ‘Sacred‘ cows wander aimlessly, feeding on ecumenical piles of rubbish.

At security checkpoints, police are looking mostly for Pakistanis. As Westerners, they never display any interest in us.

India: Varanasi Street Cow Sacred Cows
‘Sacred’ cows wander aimlessly, feeding on ecumenical piles of rubbish.

And, security checkpoints and metal detectors are everywhere! Every hotel has a magnetometer, or a doorman with a wand, at every entrance. However, in most cases I am just waved through, despite the fact that the magnetometer alarms. They care mostly about appearance and nationality, as noted above. When …Read the Rest

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