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By Ammoland

Delcaration of Independence
Delcaration of Independence

Gilbert, AZ –-( As ads and newsletters continued to fill my inbox, what struck me was they were all about the 4th of July.

When I was growing up my grandfather wished us a happy Independence Day. It was the day, not the date, that was what he cherished. I never heard him say happy 4th.

He served in the Army during the Great War and then came home to Milwaukee and remained active with the American Legion and VFW. Once retired, he volunteered at the VA Hospital in Tucson, giving back to those who served our country. He always flew an American flag on the usual holidays, but Independence Day was when we as a family would gather together and for him it was a very big day; beer, brats, chicken and fireworks on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Even after moving to Tucson, Independence Day was very important (wimpy fireworks and no brats, which was very sad, but it was the early 1960’s). The flag was flown, chicken and beer and sparklers smuggled from Nogales, Mexico. To him it was not Independence Day without sparklers.

He never talked about his own time in the service, but …Read the Rest

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