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By Ammoland

Pet Dogs Killed by Wolf Packs

by Joe Scott

Pet Dogs Killed by Wolf Packs

USA – -( Those that grouse hunt in northern states have likely run into wolves at one point, or will in the future. Most of these occurrences pass without incident, but they also leave hunters thinking about “what if” scenarios for both them & their dogs. [52 dogs were attacked, injured or killed in Wisconsin alone in 2016] A shotgun loaded with birdshot can make some noise, but it isn’t going to be very useful beyond that.

If a wolf is threatening or even attacking your dog & you take a shot with your shotgun, you’re just as likely to hit your dog as you are the wolf. This is why many hunters have considered carrying a sidearm for self defense while grouse hunting.

A Paranoid Walk Back to the Truck

Upland Bird Hunters Grouse Hunting
I can say it is one of the eeriest feelings in the world. I know where the wolf in front of me is, but I also know that wolves are obviously pack animals.

Having run into wolves …Read the Rest

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