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By Robert Farago

Josh Renville (courtesy

High school student Josh Renville (left) wanted his scowling (a.k.a.. bad ass) yearbook picture to include his AR-15. As reported by, Fargo North High School Principal Andy Dahlen had not one, not two, but three reasons why that wasn’t going to happen: “Weapons are banned on school property. Another rule prohibits publishing materials in school-sponsored media that violates federal or state law or promotes violence, terrorism or other illegal activity. A third policy forbids clothing that promotes weapons.” Josh’s old man was none too pleased . . .

Charles Renville put up a Facebook “pose free or die” page. Yes, well, at the end of the proverbial day, Josh (right) capitulated. Through the magic of Photoshop, Josh has replaced his AR with a bald eagle (Talons much? Ouch!).

You might think this kind political correctness in our schools is creating a nation of wimps (young Mr. Renville excepted, of course), but I couldn’t possibly comment. Still, Josh’s trigger discipline is a lesson to us all.

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