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By Robert Farago


The psychological effects of the militant Islamist terrorist attack in Paris continues to reverberate around the world. Here at home, proponents of civilian disarmament have been strangely silent on French gun laws failure to prevent the carnage. Judging from the pro-gun control, anti-NRA comments at the most recent Democratic debate, their silence doesn’t indicate even the slightest shift in their stance . . .

that any law that degrades Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms increases public safety. The killing in Paris highlights the fact that the antis’ “philosophy” leads here, to a horrific killing zone. Anyone with common sense gets it. In fact, you can expect another gun sales surge this month, both here and abroad.

Saying that, European sales were already spiking – to the point of eliminating supplybefore the terrorist attack, as Syrian refugees flood the Eurozone. Although the French carnage should make America rethink its decision to fast track its “share” of Middle Eastern refugees, to make sure the influx doesn’t contain Islamic extremists, I’m not hearing anything on that subject. I guess that makes me racist.

If not that, cynical. True story. Which is why I’m not …Read the Rest

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