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By Robert Farago

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To paraphrase George Taylor, “They finally really did it!” Yup. Newsweek magazine finally put their civilian disarmament cards on the table, telling [both of] its readers that the magazine’s owners and editors reject Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Oh wait. Notice the word “any” in red? Kurt Eichenwald’s article argues that you don’t have the right to bear “any” arms. Specifically, any arms equipped with . . . Go on, guess! Or read on . . .

Eichenwald’s article warms-up to the task with the usual anti-gun agitprop prevarication. Like this . . .

Let’s start with an undeniable truth: In the United States, the people have the right to keep and bear arms. And let’s then acknowledge that the childish interpretation of that constitutional amendment—that Americans have the right to whatever accessory they can put on, in or over a gun for the sole purpose of making it more deadly—is a dangerous falsehood.

Childish. Right out of the box Newsweek adopts the elitist statist tone typical of the anti-gun breed. But what’s this? Eichenwald’s railing against rails? Americans have a right to keep and bear arms, but not to put a red …read more

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