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By Robert Farago

CSGV nonsense

According to Chad R. MacDonald [quoted above], the NRA’s desire to protect Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms in order to defend against government tyranny – exactly as the Founding Fathers envisioned – undermines “the security of a free state.” I’m guessing that Chad doesn’t get the “free” part. But Chad’s confusion on the whole government vs. liberty thing is nothing compared to the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence’s Orwellian interpretation of Chad’s confusion. Translation of their caption: we must destroy the Second Amendment to defend it! (Sound familiar?) OK, they probably mean . . .

the Second Amendment was written to protect the right of citizen militias to keep and bear arms. Although that interpretation is ahistorical and ignores the fact that all the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are individual rights (not to mention the Heller decision clarifying that point), well then, where’s the CSGV militia? What better way to restore the “original interpretation” (note: not intent) of the Second Amendment than the creation of heavily-armed group of anti-gunners in a well-regulated militia? It wouldn’t be as idiotic as the quote above, but it’d be close.

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