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By Tom Knighton

President Donald Trump stirred up a hornet’s nest when he suggested that the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh would have been well-served with having an armed guard on the premises. The idea of an armed individual on-hand to deal with threats seems to be a complete anathema to the mainstream media. This, despite the atrocity taking place less than a year after Sutherland Springs.

However, those of us on the pro-gun side of the aisle tend to argue that armed citizens are the most effective bulwark against this kind of attack humanly possible. After all, despite what looks like a quick response by the Pittsburgh Police Department, the killer was able to murder 11 people inside the synagogue.

But what if there had been someone inside the building with a gun?

Well, based on a study released last month, armed citizens are pretty damn effective at shutting down bad people trying to do bad things.

We decided to take a look at one specific metric that John Lott and the FBI didn’t really consider. The success rate of armed citizens. John Lott’s team did talk about the overall success rate of armed citizens against all Active Shooter …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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